Remember, there are two sides to every story. Whether you're a plaintiff or a defendant, a student or a school, a judge or a jury. It's easy to read just a few buzz words or part of a paragraph and form an opinion about something or someone. For example, a president of an organization makes an appeal to the employees of the company to sanction the vice president who busy undermining many of the president's directives. What the president doesn't realize is that the vp has a good reason for his or her actions. It is our assumptions that we have to reconsider when judging others. Say someone cuts you off in traffic and you feel slighted, even justified in retaliating in some way. What you may not see is that there may be a good reason why that driver could not communicate their need to quickly change lanes. It's not personal. Try to imagine that there is always another point of view in play and another person may not be aware of the negativity they have put in motion.


As Montserrat medical school sanctioned, founder has his chance to speak. The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Gradutes (ECFMG) may sound like a governmental agency, but what is ECFMG? ECFMG is a non-regulated, non-profit corporation. ECFMG can make and change their rules whenever they want, for any reason or for no reason. They operate without government oversight and ECFMG destroyed the founder's medical school.